The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids (Amra Thetys #1) by Michael McClung

The Thief Who Pulled on Trouble’s Braids (Amra Thetys #1) by Michael McClung
Publisher/Year: Michael McClung, 2012
Format: E-book (Nook)
Pages: 204
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Amra Thetys is a thief with morals–she won’t steal from anybody poorer than she is. Fortunately, anybody that poor generally doesn’t have much worth stealing!

But when a fellow thief and good friend is killed in a deal gone wrong. Amra turns her back on burglary and goes after something far more precious than jewels or gold: Revenge.

What I thought

Ahh, nothing better than a five-star read to approach the end of the year! This book was SO GOOD. I was hooked from the first chapter, and the ending had me feeling not ready to leave this world yet. I’m so ready to dive into the rest of this series!

What I loved most about this book was Amra, hands down. I just really liked her! She was fierce and tough, witty and sarcastic. And she could hold her own–without a love interest and without beauty. I became so fond of her as a character, which I love when I’m reading.

Also, can I just say that it blows me away that this was self-published? It was so well-written. The story hooked me from the start, and the plot moved effortlessly and carried me the rest of the way. The writing was at times poignant and at others hilariously clever. I also loved the world building Amra tells the story and she doesn’t go into any long-winded exposition about her world. You pick up bits and pieces as you go, and I just loved that.

I’d highly recommend this! If you are looking for a good fantasy read, this book is not to be missed!