The Night Flyers (History Mysteries #3) by Elizabeth McDavid Jones

The Night Flyers (History Mysteries #3) by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
Publisher/Year: Pleasant Company Publications
Format: Paperback
Pages: 149
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


It’s 1918. Pam Lowder and her papa raise the best homing pigeons on the North Carolina coast–homers with the rare ability to fly at night. While Papa’s away in World War I, a stranger with a foreign accent comes to town. Soon Pam’s best birds start to disappear, and Pam is sure the stranger is stealing them. Instead, she finds evidence of something much worse. Could the stranger be an enemy spy, threatening everything Pam holds dear–even Papa?

What I thought

I will never be able to get over how American Girl made such an impact on the historical fiction genre for young girls. I truly believe that they are one of the biggest reasons why I became such a history lover and why, to this day, historical fiction remains one of my preferred genres.

But anyway, enough rambling.

This was a great story that I read in an afternoon. I remember reading it when I was younger and enjoying it, and reading it as an adult, I still very much enjoyed it. Jones has a way of driving the story forward with a mystery that even as an adult, I wasn’t able to solve. I grew fond of Pam, and I appreciated how her story offered a glimpse into the time period. Plus, I liked how that “glimpse” was historically accurate and how it tied into the historical text at the end. Not to mention that Jones’ writing was beautifully descriptive–I mean, I was there with Pam in the woods and in the swamp.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I’d recommend this one if you are looking for a great historical fiction for the young reader in your life…or if you are a young reader yourself!