Hi, my name is Jessika! I am a 29-year-old bookaholic, as I’m sure most of you out there can relate.

My mission in starting this blog is as simple as sharing my love of reading. Reading has been a constant source of comfort for me since my childhood, and I LOVE to talk about the books I’ve read. I don’t claim to be a literary critic, but I do want to share my thoughts and feelings and impressions about the books I’ve read on this blog.

I read anything. Really. I have my favorites (YA fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, any fiction really), but I will read anything once. I’ve been known to delve into the classics, I read a TON of books about the Civil War because I’m a history nerd, and I’ll even read the occasional horror. I don’t plan on this blog being any sort of genre blog, only because my reading interests are so scattered. You’ll mostly see reviews for now, since I’m just starting this blog, but I may surprise you all with a post about random bookish thoughts, and I hope to join some of the fun bookish memes I’ve found. I adore lists, so be prepared for a lot of those.

Anywho, this is me:
And since I can’t resist a good list, here’s one:
10 Bookish Facts About Myself (aka Proof That I Am A Crazy Book Lady):
  1. I own ~900 books (at the moment).
  2. My husband tries to tell me that I own too many books (ahem), but I assure him that there is NO such thing.
  3. My favorite series of books has always been, and will always be, the Harry Potter series.
  4. I have perfected the art of reading a book and walking at the same time. When I was in college, I went to school at a fairly small campus. My senior year, I lived in a house about a block away from campus. Since I was crunched for reading time, I used to read on the way to and from class.
  5. I consider myself a friendly introvert, but 9 times out of 10, I will always prefer a cozy night in with a book over going out and socializing.
  6. In true Rory Gilmore fashion, I always carry a book with me. I even bought this nifty book tote so that I don’t have to shove a book down in my purse.
  7. I love brand spanking new books. I love broken in, worn books. But I HATE the process in between  the two.
  8. Going off that last one, I’m usually pretty good with my books. But if there is one bookish bad habit that I have, it is breaking the binding of a book.
  9. I also will not hesitate to read a book while eating food. I’m a slow eater, so think of all that reading time I’d miss if I concentrated on one thing at a time!
  10. My favorite part of good book is the characters, but I think one of the most important parts of a book is the first line.
So, that’s me. Feel free to come in, take a look around, see what I’ve been reading, and if you feel so inclined, subscribe/follow to keep up with my reading adventures!

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