Wild Man (Wild Men #1) by Melissa Belle

Wild Man (Wild Men #1) by Melissa Belle
Publisher/Year: Autumn Ink Press, 2019
Format: E-book (Nook)
Pages: 111
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Colton Wild didn’t save me. He showed me it was safe to live again.

I met him when I was sixteen and broken. When the world was filled with fear.

He was a high school football star at seventeen and ridiculously cocky. He was also hotter than the sun with his messy blond hair, clear blue eyes, and wicked grin.

My family and I were on the run from a predator, and Colton was harboring his own secrets and pain. We were two lost souls, and the moment I saw him, I felt something spark inside my soul.

He flirted with me shamelessly, and I pretended to hate him. I wasn’t allowed to get close to anyone. My life, and my family’s life, depended on it.

But I couldn’t stay away from Colton. He was the brightest light I’d ever seen.

And once the sun went down, I threw all my rules out the window…

What I thought

I don’t have much to say about this one other than that this was a short ‘n’ steamy prequel novella that definitely has me interested in continuing on with the series. Romance is a genre that I just don’t read enough of, but this was a fun intro to two of the series’ characters who initially met as teenagers. Being that this prequel focuses primarily on their time as teens, there’s A LOT of angst and A LOT of hormones flying around, but there’s also innocence and a feel of nostalgia, as well. Plus, this gives you a little added background to their characters as adults. I really liked this one, and I’m planning on continuing the series. I’d recommend this if you’re looking for something fun to shake up your reading a little bit!

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