Love May Fail by Matthew Quick


LOVE MAY FAIL by Matthew Quick

Publisher/Year: Harper Collins/2015
Source: Free Library of Philadelphia/Overdrive
Format: ebook
Pages: 416 pages
Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟






An aspiring feminist and underappreciated housewife embarks on an odyssey to find human decency and goodness–and her high school English teacher–in New York Times bestselling author Matthew Quick’s offbeat masterpiece, a quirky ode to love, fate, and hair metal.

Portia Kane is having a meltdown. After escaping her ritzy Florida life and her cheating pornographer husband, she finds herself back in South Jersey, a place that remains largely unchanged from the years of her unhappy youth. Lost and alone, looking to find the goodness in the world she believes still exists, Portia sets off to save herself by saving someone else–a beloved high school English teacher who has retired after a traumatic incident.

Will a sassy nun, an ex-heroin addict, a metal-head little boy, and her hoarder mother help or hurt her chances on this madcap quest to restore a good man’s reputation and find renewed hope in the human race?

What I thought

This book solidified the fact that Matthew Quick is an insta-read author for me. I LOVED Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock, and I LOVED Love May Fail, so suffice it to say, I’m definitely a fan & I MUST get my hands on his other books.

I think one of the things that Quick does so well is to create such a diverse cast of characters (none of which I can relate to at all) that absolutely comes to life for me. Every one of them has issues, and even though this book was so RAW, it never felt heavy. I loved the four points of view telling the story, particularly because I felt that it lent itself to the story’s progress & getting to learn more about the characters as we saw them from different points of view.

I’m having some trouble explaining what it was that I loved about this book so much, and I feel like I’m rambling, but it was just such a beautiful story of redemption (for multiple characters) and a fascinating look at the impact we have on the lives of others. I was so moved by this book, even with characters I couldn’t really relate to & who were even unlikeable at times.

I’m going to purposefully keep this review short (and somewhat vague) because I truly think it’s best if you jump into this one without knowing much. Just sit back & enjoy the ride–it’s so worth it. There’s humor, heartbreak, love, hope, devastation, and redemption. It is not always an easy read (be prepared for some gut-wrenching scenes) and there are A LOT of adult subjects & scenarios in this book, but once you start, you will NOT want to put this down.

So, if you love character driven stories and want to read something that’s going to give you ALL the feels, I highly recommend Love May Fail!

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